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La Nochebuena, el 24 de diciembre

inter2ling 12/12/2018

Nochebuena (Christmas Eve) In Spain is a very important family event.  The extended family meet to have dinner together. The meal includes seafood, salamis, especially “jamón”, and any other food considered special by the family.  At the end of the meal, Christmas sweets such as “turrones” (a kind of nougat) are served with traditional Christmas drinks like “ponche”.  It’s a tradition to sing “villancicos” (Spanish Christmas carols) after the meal.   In the past the… La Nochebuena, el 24 de diciembre

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Estar bien/bueno ser bueno

inter2ling 30/12/2017

It is quite difficult when learning Spanish to use correctly the right verb for the English “to be”, as in Spanish there are two: “ser” and “estar”  The difficulty increases when we add the adjectives “bueno/a/os/as- malo/a/os/as” or the adverbs “bien-mal” In this posting I’ll try to clarify their use.   In order to understand their use we have to remember that “bueno/malo” are adjectives, so they relate to a noun and change the ending… Estar bien/bueno ser bueno

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