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La Nochebuena, el 24 de diciembre

inter2ling 12/12/2018

Nochebuena (Christmas Eve) In Spain is a very important family event.  The extended family meet to have dinner together. The meal includes seafood, salamis, especially “jamón”, and any other food considered special by the family.  At the end of the meal, Christmas sweets such as “turrones” (a kind of nougat) are served with traditional Christmas drinks like “ponche”.  It’s a tradition to sing “villancicos” (Spanish Christmas carols) after the meal.   In the past the… La Nochebuena, el 24 de diciembre

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Pollo al chilindrón

inter2ling 14/04/2018

We tasted this dish at our March 2018 social event, and some people have asked me to include the recipe in our blog.  I have been looking for videos on Youtube and while I couldn’t find the exact same method that I use (perhaps for a reason!), I’ve chosen a similar one where the steps are clear for you to follow.  The recipe is from Aragon, but the narrator is not from there, so you… Pollo al chilindrón

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inter2ling 25/03/2017

Flan es un postre típico español.  Aquí tenéis dos videos. 1 Watch the videos and take note of the ingredients 2 Could you tell us which ingredients make different flan 1 de flan 2. 3  How do you say “maicena” in English? 1 Flan de huevo 2 Flan de maicena          

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Gazpacho L5

inter2ling 18/03/2017

El gazpacho In lesson 7 we have worked with vocabulary and structures needed to talk about eating out.  With this exercise, you will be able to eat in  using a Spanish traditional recipe. 1 Watch the following video 2  Take note of the ingredients (ingredientes) 3  Which of the following ingredients are not needed? tomatoes      eggs      vinegar       wine         olive oil       garlic… Gazpacho L5

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Spanish language and Christmas drinks, El poncho o ponche de Navidad

inter2ling 22/12/2016

Poncho de Navidad This is a very popular hot drink for Christmas,  particularly in the North of Spain. It goes very well with “turrones”, the traditional Spanish Christmas sweet. When I was a child we used to make it on Christmas Eve in the late afternoon, when darkness falls. Children enjoy the sight of the flames when the wine is burned. After Midnight Mass (Misa de Gallo) people used to visit their neighbours and friends… Spanish language and Christmas drinks, El poncho o ponche de Navidad

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Learning Spanish|”quemadillo de Ron” |Inter2lingis

inter2ling 04/12/2016

Learning Spanish vocabulary in winter is delicious with”quemadillos” Inter2lingis’ blog wants to help you to learn Spanish vocabulary with another tasty recipe: “quemadillo de ron”, a comforting way of facing winter. As with “carajillo”, we have another “-illo” ending.  Do you remember the equivalent in English? We use this ending when we want to add kindness and affection to a word, like the English “little” or “wee” Understanding “quemadillo de ron” is easier if we… Learning Spanish|”quemadillo de Ron” |Inter2lingis

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The Spanish Way

inter2ling 17/10/2016

Spanish language through drinks A very enjoyable way to learn Spanish is by experiencing the Spanish way of life. I’ll help you to do this by exploring food, drinks and fiestas. As the cold weather starts I want to share with you some Spanish tips to keep you warm. The first is a drink, “el carajillo” to be taken after the main meal, instead of a normal coffee.  It has alcohol, so if you are… The Spanish Way

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