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Conversational Spanish L7 LA FAMILIA

inter2ling 18/02/2017

Lección 7, la familia Hola a todos.  This lesson is about family.  It normally is a demanding lesson because going from learning few sentences to a topic is a big step. Don’t get discouraged and keep at it. A Practice the vocabulary and the sound of the words with this video.  Listen and repeat several times, Listen again and be aware of the spelling B Practice the vocabulary learnt with the best know family in… Conversational Spanish L7 LA FAMILIA

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Números del 1 al 100

inter2ling 09/02/2017

Hola a todos. In lessons 5-6 we were working with numbers. Los Números del 1 al 100 Here you have a video to practice both spelling and pronunciation from 1 to 100. 1 Listen and practice the video. 2 You will find in the clip that some sounds when speaking the words are not like mine.  Can you identify the difference?   3 Find your own way of memorize the words. Work with 10 numbers… Números del 1 al 100

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Conversational Spanish L2: pronunciation

inter2ling 01/02/2017

Pronunciación, el alfabeto o el abecedario en español Yesterday we practiced the basics of the Spanish pronunciation, the Spanish alphabet. You can reinforce our work by practicing in your own all this week.  Listen and interact with the videos. Remember: to be effective you have to hear yourself, so you must talk/sing louder than the video. Primero las vocales The vowels first In the video you will hear:  -Digan qué vocal es ésta (Say what… Conversational Spanish L2: pronunciation

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