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Pollo al chilindrón

inter2ling 14/04/2018

We tasted this dish at our March 2018 social event, and some people have asked me to include the recipe in our blog.  I have been looking for videos on Youtube and while I couldn’t find the exact same method that I use (perhaps for a reason!), I’ve chosen a similar one where the steps are clear for you to follow.  The recipe is from Aragon, but the narrator is not from there, so you… Pollo al chilindrón

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Semana Santa- Saetas

inter2ling 12/04/2018

“Las Saetas” are mostly improvised popular songs in flamenco style that people sing at Easter, inspired by the images and iconography displayed in the religious parades called “procesiones” Surprisingly, Spanish Easter celebrations don’t focus on celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, but commemorate the Passion and Crucifixion instead. Antonio Machado (1875-1939), a Spanish poet from Sevilla, wrote ” La Saeta” in 1914 .  The poem was later included in his book, “Campos de Castilla” (1911).  In 1969, Joan… Semana Santa- Saetas

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