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Spanish and English Tuition

Inter2lingis offers a wide variety of amusing paths in Spanish language classes in the Coleraine area and abroad.  We have local groups at different levels, both in Flowerfield Arts Center and in Coleraine, a Saturday Spanish Conversation group at the Ground Coffee in Coleraine, Summer camps in La Hoya de Huesca, España and we are starting our own drama group.  One-to-one tuition is as well available. Contact us and we’ll set you in the group of your choice.

Inter2lingis (Latin for “between 2 languages”) based in Coleraine, Northern Ireland is a language tuition provider specialising in teaching Spanish and English as a second language to English and Spanish speakers. Our tutors, Victoria and Gerry, are both language teachers and native speakers of the language they teach.  They are also life partners and have seen each other progressing in the learning of their “other language”.Gerry May 2010 610

They are, therefore, aware of the specific challenges that Spanish presents to English speakers and vice versa: while Spanish speakers often find English pronunciation challenging, English speakers have to learn alien features like subjunctive forms and reflexive pronouns.

inter2lingisInter2lingis has three goals: firstly, to tailor language tuition to the particular needs of the students; secondly, to create partnerships between students of these different languages which enable them to practice together; and thirdly, to introduce the culture and way of life of Spain and the English-speaking lands.

We offer four different modes of tuition: local groups, one-to-one, language camps and online. We are based in Coleraine but offer trips to Spain and will be updating our online courses so you can learn anywhere in the world!

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